How We Got Started

We are a Not For Profit Organization, a share of our profits goes directly to the students and staff for recreational trips, student appreciation days, and also customer appreciation days. 
We are here to provide social and recreational activities for employees and for students attending training. 
We also provide assistance and support to the activities and operations that benefit the FLETC, employees at the FLETC, and students attending training here at the FLETC.

The FLETC Recreation Association is a non-profit corporation comprised of employees assigned to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. 
The Association was organized in 1976, to establish and maintain closer contacts among staff members; to provide social and recreational activities for employees and students; and among other things, to foster greater cooperation and improve morale. The Association's routine business is handled by a Board of Directors who are elected from and by the membership. Since 1976 the Association has been responsible for all logo items sold in the convenience store and re-named it FLETC Express. It is operated separately from the Association, with an on-site manager. 
On May 1, 1999, the Association purchased the existing Student Center; this too is operated separately from the Association, with an on-site manager, as well.
On April 27, 2001, the Association acquired the operation of the Little Rookies Child Development Center. 
Continuing to grow, the Association opened the Charleston, South Carolina FLETC Express in May 2007. 
The Association also controls the leases for the Dry Cleaners at Glynco and the Barbershops on both bases.

Meet Us!

Janet Shiver

Where were, you born? Quincy, Florida

Job Description: General Manager

How Long have you been with the company?  24 Years with FLETC Recreation Association, 5 years with the prior owner

Any Kids/Pets?  Hobbies? 1 Daughter Brooke, 2 grandchildren, Reagan and Reid.  Finally, my four-legged child Molly.

3 Reasons you love working for the Rec:

1)     I love the Mission of the FLETC Recreation Association, to support Staff and Students while they are at FLETC. 

2)   We have great Board Members, both present and past who are always ready and willing to step in and support our team for whatever the need is.

Over the past years, I’ve watched the company grow from the operation of a very small store in Glynco to the oversite of Little Rookies Childcare Development Center, FLETC Student Center, Dry Cleaner, and Barber Shop in Glynco as well as the FLETC Express and Barber Shop in Charleston.

3)   I feel very blessed to be one of the few that can say If you love your job, you never worked a day in your life.  (ok 95% of the time) there were a few rough days.

Sara White

Where were, you born? I was born in Brunswick Ga but my family moved to Savannah when I was 3 and I grew up there and enlisted in the US Army for 5 years.

Job Description: Manager

How Long have you been with the company? I started working part time in 1996 as a cashier and became full time in 1999 as an inventory specialist and worked a few positions until I became Store Manager.

Any Kids/Pets? I have 2 adult children 1 girl and 1 boy

Hobbies? I love to shop and travel   

3 Reasons you love working for the Rec:

1)    It’s a great place to work with amazing people  

2)    You get to meet some great people from all over the world some of whom you become friends with for life.

3)   I love helping with the events that we do for the students and staff. 

Michelle Harris

Where were, you Born?  Brunswick, GA

Job Description: Administrative Assistant

How Long Have You Been with The Company? 13 years

Any Kids/Pets: Four kids, 2 Girls and 2 Boys and a English bulldog named Butler

3 Reasons You Love Working for the Rec:

1)   The Rec gave me the chance to prove myself. I started here right out of high school as a part time cashier and I’ve worked my way up and into a great position.  

2)  I get to meet people from all over the world by working here. I have met numerous people that have impacted my life in one way or another.

3)   I love seeing the appreciation from the staff and students when we are able to go above and beyond to help them.


Teresa Williams

Where were, you born? Brunswick, GA

Job Description: Inventory Specialist

How Long have you been with the company? 12 Years

Any Kids/Pets? 4 Kids 3 Girls and 1 Boy, 1 Dog Roxy, 3 Cats named Sassy, Viska, and Ellie

Hobbies? Reading and Cooking

3 Reasons you love working for the Rec:

1)    We always give the Instructors a hard time, it starts our day off right hassling them.

2)    The Students are the reason we are here, anything we can do to help them is what I am here for.

3)    Student Appreciation Days are always great to serve the students and thank them for supporting us because our profits go straight back to them.

FLETC Charleston Staff

Rene' Dizon

Where were, you Born?  Charleston, SC


Job Description:   Store Manager, I run this place with a lot of help

How long have you been with the company? 2 yrs, 8 months

Any Kids/Pets? Oh yes, 2 girls, 1 boy, 3 dogs

Hobbies? Gardening, Reading, Craft Beers

3 Reasons you love working for the Rec:  

1) Less stress than normal retail

2) The customers are constantly changing and the regulars are a hoot

3) I still get to do what I love!

Charna Fox White

Where were, you Born? Charleston, S.C.

Job Description: Assistant Store Manager     

How long have you been with the company? Almost a year

Any Kids/Pets? 1 daughter (Sophie) two dogs (Sammie and Joplin)

Hobbies? Idk….dont really have time for that

3 Reasons you love working for the Rec:

1) Customers

2) Meeting variety of people

3) My coworkers